Easter raffle to raise funds

As Easter approaches, the Valley View Public School P&C is looking to raise money through its Easter Raffle to help upgrade the school’s smart boards.

P&C President, Lee-Anne Bishop, said the some of the school’s smart boards are in desperate need of replacing.

“Over the last few years the school has seen a decline in some of the resources, one of these being smart boards,” Bishop said.

“Smart boards are roughly $5000 each, and we are looking at five that need replacing.

“The five we have identified actually don’t work at all, meaning teachers are relying on the paper handouts, which is going against the sustainability ethos of the school.

“So there is a really big push on raising at least $5,000 from this raffle to go towards implementing a new smartboard.

“Throughout the year, we hope COVID will not rear its ugly head again, and we can get out there and raise more funds for the school’s smartboard replacement program.”

Raffle winners will take home an Easter hamper which Bishop said contains all the favourite Easter treats.

“We usually request from our school community little packets of Easter eggs, larger Easter eggs, and a lot of Easter craft as well,” she said.

“It is quite an art and crafty community,

“We will put together a team of volunteers in the week leading up to the raffle being drawn, and we will put together these beautiful hampers, and sometimes we can get up to 50 hampers out of these donations which is really wonderful.”

Jacinta Counihan