Dumped shopping trolleys could be a source of revenue

A dumped shopping trolley

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I, too, have noticed the increased proliferation of dumped shopping trolleys on the Central Coast (Chronicle Forum, Jan 20 “Dumping of supermarket trolleys ignored”).

This is particularly in the vicinity of sensitive bushland and waterways.

I, too, have pulled them out of these areas including the release of small wildlife trapped in upturned trolleys.

I, too, have written letters and made in-house reporting to local retail businesses along with letters to Central Coast Council and Local State MPs calling for stricter collections, coin deposits for trolley use and particular fines to these businesses for littering.

No interest or care is shown.

Whilst the blame to most extent is the user of these trolleys, Council Rangers could make a fortune in revenue, which is much needed at this time, in issuing fines for these dumped trolley business owners.

Council has written to me saying they have no power to do so.

That’s rubbish.

It is littering pure and simple by the owners of these trolleys.

Local councils, for example Lane Cove and Hunters Hill in Sydney, often collect them, then issue a pay and collect fine to the retail business owners, which they do.

This could be a less controversial way of obtaining revenue, rather than a rate rise.

Email, Jan 23
Dave Lardner, Narara