Chemical Clean Out event at Long Jetty

Household chemical waste

Central Coast Council is once again calling on residents to clear out unwanted hazardous chemicals from around the house and correctly dispose of them for free at the next bi-annual Chemical Clean Out event.

It will be held at Long Jetty Council Depot on Saturday and Sunday, February 27 and 28 from 9am to 3.30pm each day.

Council Unit Manager Waste Services and Business Development, Andrew Pearce, said the event was a perfect opportunity for residents to clear any hazardous materials leftover from do-it-yourself projects during self-isolation and over the holidays.

“With the rise in home improvements and home clean outs in 2020, now is an ideal time to responsibly dispose of any leftover cleaning products and paints lurking around garages and sheds,” he said.

Up to 100 litres of paint can be accepted per vehicle, in containers of 20 litres or less.

For all other items, only household quantities of up to 20 litres or 20kg are accepted.

“As these events occur about every six months, it’s also a great reminder to check smoke detectors and their batteries, both of which are accepted at these events.

“Other items that can be dropped off include pesticides, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, fluorescent globes and tubes as well as any unknown or unidentified chemicals which are accepted for identification and correct disposal.

“With COVID-19 restrictions in place, extra precautions continue to be taken for the continued safety of residents and staff onsite, and as always we ask residents to remain in their vehicles when dropping off their hazardous waste.”

Administrator Dick Persson praised the community for their ongoing commitment to responsibly dispose of problem wastes.

“These events allow residents to get hazardous materials safely out of harm’s way while also allowing for the recovery of reusable materials and precious metals,” he said.

“With continuous record breaking Clean Out events each year, it is clear that our residents are eager to do the right thing and keep these hazardous materials out of landfills.”

Media release, Feb 5
Central Coast Council