Another Terrigal Drive boarding house on public exhibition

An architectural rendering of the proposed development Photo: ADG Architects

A 12-room boarding house proposed for 75 Terrigal Dr, Terrigal, is open for public exhibition only days after the Local Planning Panel approved a seven-room boarding house at 59 Terrigal Dr.

The Panel approved the DA for the latter at its February 4 meeting, subject to various conditions including an amendment to the landscape plan to provide additional native trees at least 3m tall along the side and rear of the building.

Despite attracting 68 public submissions during its first exhibition period and 17 from a second exhibition period the development application, which had been scaled back from nine units, was deemed by the Panel to be satisfactory in regard to relevant environmental planning policies, plans and policies.

Submissions had raised concerns raised regarding privacy impacts on neighbours, acoustic impacts, the bulk and scale of the development, waste issues and economic impacts on nearby property values, but the Panel voted unanimously to endorse a Central Coast council, recommendation for approval.

The latest proposal is on the corner of Raymond Tce.

The site is occupied by a split-level home which is to be partly demolished with subsequent alterations and additions.

It would result in a floor space ratio of 0.537:1 or 7.4 per cent above the standard.

The applicant says this will ensure a more viable development and higher standard of affordable housing compared to that which would otherwise be provided should strict adherence to the Local Environment Plan standard be applied.

“The proposal is an efficient use of the land which delivers social, economic and environmental benefits to the local community,” the applicant says.

The maximum population would be 19 lodgers (7 x double rooms and 5 single rooms) with ground floor parking for six cars.

The applicant says it is a high quality modest sized boarding house that will provide substantial benefits to the local community particularly for those over 55 and for people with disabilities who live locally and who want to downsize and reside close to their families and established social networks.

Public comment is open until March 19.

Find the development application (DA) on council’s DA Tracker: 60794/2021.

Merilyn Vale and Terry Collins

3 Comments on "Another Terrigal Drive boarding house on public exhibition"

  1. Another Boarding House is proposed for our beautiful Terrigal!

    As residents of Terrigal we are very concerned about the newly proposed 12 room boarding house in our family friendly community. It is only meters away from another recently approved boarding house. We are worried about the many ways this will negatively impact our neighbourhood.
    Please join us in opposing this development application by writing your own objection letter to council before the 19th of March.

    Thank you for standing up to ensure that Terrigal remains the community that we all know and love.

  2. Shawn Weston | February 28, 2021 at 8:45 am |

    It allows for less fortunate people who aren’t the best off financially to live near a beautiful beach.not a negative thing at all.too many people in there nice big houses and big bank accounts looking down there nose at someone who needs accommodation.doesnt have to have an impact on other people around them.just snobbery in action once again.thats all it is.

  3. Thanks for your feedback Shawn. Actually the street that the proposed boarding house corners is a street with mainly very modest homes and lots of young families and retirees, not rich snobs. The developer is not doing this to help out those in need, but to make money. The proposed building is designed to cater up to 18 people living on 1 suburban block. It will only provide 6 car spots for a building that can accommodate 18 people with potentially 18 cars, which will dramatically increase the parking issues in the street and cause much more traffic in a school zone. There was another boarding house approved only a few meters down the road which also doesn’t have enough parking for all the residents. Affordable housing is a great idea, but this is not an appropriate or safe block to build this on. Please check out for more information.

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