Why should ratepayers foot the bill?

Central Coast Rates Rise

[FORUM] Central Coast Council Administrator Dick Persson is over ambitious to hike our rates up by 15 per cent; a $565M debt is going to take years to clear.

I believe a 5 per cent increase could be justified as ratepayers are doing it very tough at present. Many have lost jobs or became redundant and have been forced to draw some of their superannuation just to get by.

This Council should never be in this position; they made some very poor decisions over the years with investments made by them collapsing, not to mention junket trips made by some councillors and staff to overseas destinations spending ratepayers’ money.

Nothing at the time was ever questioned. As ratepayers we should not have to be made to pay this debit created by an incompetent Council.

Email, Dec 17 Henry Chisholm, Point Clare

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