No taxation without representation

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No taxation without representation is one of the most powerful slogans in history.

Yet, here on the Central Coast, an unelected and unaccountable administrator is seeking to impose a 15 per cent rate hike on one of the most deprived communities in NSW.

And the only chance the community is given to express a democratic opinion is a sham consultation, during a short holiday period, offering a choice between 15 per cent and 10 per cent – not even an option to respond “neither of the above”.

The Council freely admits that the current crisis has been caused by its own financial mismanagement.

Yet, none of the Council executives responsible has been sacked for incompetence or otherwise held accountable.

Ratepayers and low paid staff are an easier target.

The only executive known to have left is the former CEO who walked away with a $380,000 pay out from the ratepayers – hardly a sacking for incompetence.

It beggars belief that the first time these executives … noticed the extent of their mismanagement was the week they suddenly realised they had insufficient funds to make payroll.

Yet, we are now asked to provide even more of our hard earned money to this [deleted].

How can they be trusted given their spectacular mismanagement of our money in the past?

We’re just throwing good money after bad.

Since just before amalgamation there seems to have been a “nose in trough” culture with more and more, higher and higher paid, executives.

Amalgamation should have dramatically reduced their number and cost, but the opposite seems true.

When you consider the cost of the new appointments (administrator, interim CEO, etc), plus the previous ones still lurking, plus the pay out to the previous CEO, ratepayers are paying more than ever for these ineffective bureaucrats.

The Council consultation is undoubtably a sham, but I’d urge ratepayers to give their opinions direct to IPART on the following link (click on “have your say”)”

Executives, not ratepayers and low paid staff, should pay for mismanagement.

Email, Jan 15
Kevin Brooks, Kincumber