No policy on nuisance dogs

Peninsula residents plagued by nuisance dogs will be interested to know Central Coast Council does not have a policy on dealing with nuisance or roaming dogs, despite the Central Coast having the highest rate of dog ownership in NSW.

The region had 136,733 dogs as at September 30, 2020.

The next biggest council area is Lake Macquarie with just over 89,000 dogs.

The Coast also has the highest number of dog attacks reported through NSW councils.

A total of 64 incidents were reported for the period July 1 to September 30, 2020.

Council’s Companion Animals Advisory Group heard at its November meeting that staff would develop a policy.

Staff will look at benchmarking against other Councils the area the rangers have to cover and look at what the standard should be.

They will use this information to progress the development of a policy for nuisance and roaming dogs.

The advisory committee heard earlier this year that Council was reviewing the dog park and off-leash strategy.

A revised strategy was expected to be available for community consultation before the end of the year.

Nothing has come before council for permission to be sent out for public comment.

The committee is now due to meet in February next year and it hopes to get an update on where that strategy is up to at that meeting.

Central Coast Council Watch Facebook page, December 24