New store lets you touch, learn and order

Dr Matthew McDougall in his new BuyNatural TLO store

A touch, learn, and order (TLO) concept store has opened its doors in Woy Woy to help inform the local community on natural Australian ecofriendly products.

The BuyNatural experiential outlet is the first of its kind in Australia and offers customers an opportunity to physically taste, test, smell and learn about the products before buying.

Long-time Woy Woy local, and BuyNatural CEO, Dr Matthew McDougall, said they had the ambition to promote local Australian businesses that produced high-quality organic products.

“Australian small to medium size businesses actually produce some of the highest quality natural and organic products in the world, but because they are not stocked on large retailer shelves, little is known about them,” McDougall said.

“So, what we would like to do is embrace these small brands that are unknown and help them become major brands in the market.

“As long as it’s natural, organic, and ecofriendly, customers can find anything from bee’s wax candles to skincare, vitamins, supplements, gut health, protein and all sorts of convenience food.”

McDougall believes many shoppers want to be informed and understand the brands they are purchasing and consuming.

“We see our TLO concept as a learning, experiencing, and purchasing hub for people loving natural, organic and eco-friendly products, shoppers want to experience products in person, learn more about them and purchase based on this process,” he said.

“So, when someone comes into the shop, we want to give them the back story, where it comes from, why it was developed, and what it stands for.

“We don’t want ill-informed people buying synthetic chemicals from big corporations.”

He said people had started to care more about the environment, earth-friendly products, and trustworthy local brands.

“We want to create an informed buying community that care about the same things that we represent and stand for,” McDougall said.

“We would also love to stock some Central Coast brands; we have lots of NSW and Sydney brands, but we would love to get some real, local brands on the shelves.”

The TLO store is equipped with video streaming technology and testing areas, where interactive information sessions on different products are held.

BuyNatural offers bulk ordering, free delivery, and an online shopping platform with click and collect features.

The BuyNatural TLO store is open from 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday, and is located at 56 Ocean Beach Rd, Woy Woy.

Hayley McMahon