Millions spent making intersection more confusing

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I write in reference to the Chronicle story “Upgraded intersection likely to cause more accidents” (p8 Jan 13).

The same thing has happened at the recently built new intersection on the corner of Oleander St and Evans Rd at Noraville.

The original was an easy to navigate intersection with a Give Way sign, similar to the Berkeley Vale intersection.

The road was blocked off for months as they spent millions making the intersection more confusing.

My wife and I pass that intersection each morning on our walk and as we watched the works unfolding last year, we first thought they were upgrading the drainage.

After a few more weeks we realised that the road was being redesigned.

We were surprised to see the final upgrade as it made it a bit scary to go straight ahead along Evans Rd without holding up the traffic behind.

Email, Jan 14
Bruce Butler, Toukley