Make financial dealings public

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Give me a break!

Central Coast Council is broke and it’s about to come after ratepayers for another 15 per cent in rates; all because of incompetence.

Now it tells us that some of its financial dealings to try and dig itself out of its self-created hole must be kept confidential and not be released to the public (Spot us another $100M, CCN, Dec 24).

No way Council; you forfeited your right to confidentially when you mismanaged public monies.

It seems those who work in local government think the rest of us are just pawns in the big game of chess it plays with our money.

It’s time we put pressure on the State Government to get a grip on these instrumentalities.

Lots of phone calls and letters to our local State members, Adam Crouch (lower house) and Taylor Martin (upper house), I suggest.

Email, Dec 26
John George, Terrigal