Maintenance works scheduled to repair large potholes on busy thoroughfare

Pothole repair work is planned

Drivers on Louisiana Rd, Hamlyn Terrace, will be pleased to know that Central Coast Council has scheduled maintenance works to repair large potholes on the busy thoroughfare.

Although Council has not committed to a timeframe, the work to upgrade drainage has been costed at $1.5M in the 2020-21 budget, using developer contribution funds.

A Council spokesperson said that pothole prevention was a major and ongoing priority for Council, with techniques including resealing, rejuvenation and pavement rehabilitation.

“Each year we repair about 30,000 potholes across the Central Coast’s 2,200km road network.

“Potholes form for a range of reasons, with water getting under the road surface being one of the main contributors, and this is why we see more potholes after periods of heavy rain,” the spokesperson said.

Council encourages the community to report potholes.

Sue Murray