Love your pet – with a portrait

A portrait of pets, Banana and Captain Midnight

In the lead up to Love Your Pet Day in February, a Macmasters local is offering to paint a portrait of your pet to help celebrate your furry friend.

Jill Danks’ new love for art and painting only became apparent after she joined Paul Macklin’s art course, finding YOUR way.

Danks said she discovered her love for creating Pet Portraits while trying different styles in the course.

“I had never done art before, and I would credit all of these skills to Paul for his teaching,” Danks said.

“He helps pulls out of you what is it inside of you.

“And what he pulled out of me was my love for doing Pet Portraits; who would have thought?”

The finding YOUR way course is an initial two-day workshop followed by five monthly FYW Small Group Workshops in the studio at Macmasters Beach – either on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

“His course goes through drawing, colour theory, perspective, and he helps you get a better appreciation for art and train those skills,” Danks said.

Danks is now selling portraits online, on socials, and through word of mouth.

Being an animal lover herself, she said she is happy to paint any pet as long as the owner loves it,

“My Cat Rocky is 13, and I love him very much,” she said.

“I don’t just paint cats and dogs however.

“If someone asked me to paint their guinea pig, bird or any other animal I would.

“If they are loved, I’ll paint them.”

Jacinta Counihan