Litter in creek causes concern

A dumped shopping trolley

Woy Woy residents will be keeping a close eye on a drainage channel adjacent to Peninsula Leisure Centre which was cleared of litter and an abandoned shopping trolley following requests for comment from Central Coast Council by Pelican Post this week.

The drainage channel, at the south of the Leisure Centre on Blackwall Rd, was found to have waste left in the overgrown weeds.

Resident Karen Cormie raised the alert after noticing the litter and beginning to clear the creek herself, also planting local native trees along the bank.

“I was informed by the (Peninsula Leisure Centre) staff that bush care no longer operates due to COVID-19 (restrictions),” Cormie said.

“I don’t really understand how the pandemic can affect nature and people working in it as they are surrounded by fresh air and don’t need to congregate.

“I can’t physically get down into the creek and lift out the shopping trolleys and other pollution filling it.

“Many residents love this area but don’t know how or where to start.

“The land needs our immediate care and so I am asking (Council) for help.”

Cormie asked Council to send support to help clear the exotic weeds in the area that were having an effect on the native plants.

When asked about the waste, a Council spokesperson initially said inspections on the creek had continued.

“Council staff inspect and schedule the removal of any waste affecting the flow of stormwater within the channel on a priority risk basis,” the spokesperson said.

“Council encourages the community to take responsibility for their waste and reminds them that the dumping of litter into our waterways can cause significant impacts for our environment.”

Following requests for comment from the Pelican Post early this week, we were advised as we went to print that the waste had now been removed from the creek.

Council recommends residents report issues such as drainage blockages or litter in waterways or drains though

Maisy Rae