How to vote when both options are objectionable?

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I am objecting to the proposal (re a rate rise) as described in the letter to residents circulated in January 2021.

Firstly, I found the letter patronising in the way it presented just two options for rate payers, with so little detail and to say the least confusing in its intent.

Above all I object to the proposal to sell Gosford Council building when de-amalgamation may be the very best way to solve the problems that have been forced on us by the State Government’s amalgamation of Gosford and Wyong Councils, into an area and population comparable to the ACT, with inadequate funding.

Indeed, amalgamation of this area was poorly considered, and evidence now points to it being unfeasible.

I will accept a rate rise of 15 per cent for the next 12 months to provide a period for detailed options to be presented to and considered by the community.

Especially in the light that the current administrator has been forced on the community by the State Government with the suspension of our elected representatives.

The community deserves a clear account of what has occurred to date and an analysis of the steps to be considered to remedy the situation.

We must have a clear cost benefit account of what properties could be sold as well as options to cut other costs.

Additionally, the feasibility of obtaining further loans at the current extremely low interest rate needs to be explored and factored into any proposal.

I was not able to complete the Administrator’s survey as it forced me to vote on either option and, at this stage, I object to both.

I refuse to participate in a survey (which) does not acknowledge my protest.

If we the community do not stop the current proposed actions, we will forever be controlled by developers waiting in the wings for our demise.

Email, Jan 18
Helen Griffiths, Wamberal