Help improve quality of dunes

The Group planting native plants at Umina Beach’s South St entrance. Photo: Umina Community Group

A local community group is calling for new volunteers to help participate in improving the natural environment through a new program.

Umina Community Group relaunched its Dunecare program on Wednesday, January 27, following a well-earned break over the holidays.

The Group meets every Wednesday from 8am to 10am at a range of locations to provide volunteers the opportunity to meet their neighbours while also learning about ecology.

On the first Wednesday of the month, the group meets at Ocean Beach Rd, on the second Wednesday, they meet at Berith St, and the third and fourth Wednesday meetings are held at South St.

Group leader Alison Winch said the dune plants had been growing well over the holiday break, but so had the weeds.

“Our priority is to always remove the weeds and plant with native vegetation,” Winch said.

“We are now running four groups every Wednesday across the dunes with 25 to 30 regulars each week.

“The program runs in conjunction with Central Coast Council … they provide plants and a supervisor to oversee each meeting with appropriate planting advice and make sure we are all following protocols.”

To help contribute to the Group’s Dunecare program, locals can contact group leaders for more details by emailing

Maisy Rae