Dumping of supermarket trolleys ignored

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I live near Mardi Creek and have been reporting the dumping of supermarket trolleys in the creek channel for some months.

Two were removed early in the year, but since September, there have been two more dumped from the footbridge (I suppose) over to Westfields.

I rang Council in October, then again on November 17.

It’s now early January.

It is demoralising to see the trolleys sitting gathering weeds and leaves and potentially blocking the channel at the Gavenlock Rd side if it rains heavily.

Can something be done?

Email, Jan 1
Valerie Derry, Mardi

EDITOR’S NOTE: Council says staff inspect and schedule the removal of any waste affecting the flow of stormwater within the channel on a priority risk basis.
Shopping trolleys are the property of the retailers and the location of abandoned trolleys should be reported to the appropriate retailer’s webpage or contact number.