Dobell businesses and individuals assisted by various support packages

Tax cuts for business in disputeTax

About 14,500 businesses in the Dobell electorate will again receive a tax incentive to write-off the full value of any eligible asset they purchase.

NSW Senator, Jim Molan, said this action would support new investment, increase business cash flow and build on the Government’s successful Instant Asset Write-off measure announced earlier in 2020.

“The Government’s JobKeeper payment has helped 5,100 Dobell businesses stay afloat, supporting them through the coronavirus pandemic and keeping them connected to their employees,” he said.

“For thousands of businesses, maintaining the employer and employee connection throughout this pandemic was only possible as a result of the JobKeeper payment.

“The Cashflow boost has also provided significant assistance to about 4,600 small and medium businesses providing payments to help businesses in Dobell stay afloat.”

Senator Molan said other government payments had helped about 8,558 individuals with the Coronavirus Supplement, on top of the JobSeeker payment.

The Coronavirus Supplement was initially introduced for six months and was then extended to March 31, 2021, to help keep people job-ready.

“This additional support for those who were without work will help our community to not only get through this crisis but recover on the other side,” Senator Molan said.

Age pensioners have also been supported with about 22,143 in Dobell receiving two $750 economic support payments in April and July, 2020.

Another payment of $250 was made to pensioners in December to help with additional costs through Christmas and New Year and another $250 payment is due in March.

“These various support packages provided through the coronavirus pandemic have reached all sectors of the Dobell community and we will continue to work with the community, industry and local and state governments as the situation develops and needs evolve,” Senator Molan said.

Media release, Jan 7
NSW Senator Jim Molan