Council’s behaviour is like a re-enactment of “Utopia” from the ABC

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Acting CEO of Central Coast Council, Rik Hart, provided a letter to explain the proposed action to remedy the comical situation created by elected councillors and senior Council staff.

Thank you, but it is a whitewash.

We ratepayers are within a system which penalises us if we don’t register a vote for impotent, self-serving, egotistical people who are interested in promoting their own agendas, and who, once elected, spend their time in conflict with their fellow councillors.

They have been completely ignoring the needs of those who elected them and ignoring the fact that they are controllers of the funds generated through the imposition of property rates, to provide better facilities for those who elect them.

Somewhere along the line, professional people with the qualifications to run councils take over the council and dictate how it will proceed.

This puts them in conflict with the elected councillors who are pushing their own agendas and are too busy fighting with each other to be aware of what the council executives are up to.

One would think the policy is set and monitored by the elected councillors, but that does not seem to be the case.

My house has been on its present site since circa 1960, my residency extends back 11 years, and in that time, nothing has been provided to make my life easier, apart from rubbish and recycle removal.

The wide, deep, open roadside drains are a hazard and prohibit car parking, the bus stop below my house is in one of these drains.

The footpath along Scenic Rd, from the Budgewoi Creek bridge along to the shopping centre, is a hazard which one would have difficulty pushing a baby stroller along.

Is this what we expect in return for our rates?

One could rightly say that our Council’s behaviour is rather “Gilbert and Sullivan-ish” or, a re-enactment of “Utopia” from the ABC.

Why? Because we employ impotent, self-serving, egotists to supervise the activities of incompetent, ego-driven councillors.

If it wasn’t so expensive it would be funny.

Rik Hart would do well to reflect on the money he gifted to the outgoing, incompetent CEO for expedience, it would cover the annual cost of my pension for about 60 years.

Am I upset by all this stupidity? Yes.

Are we ratepayers any more than serfs being squeezed by the Lord of the Manor so he can indulge himself and his cronies?

Email, Jan 20
Allan Carpenter, Budgewoi