Come clean or risk business confidence in council

Former Council Administrator, Dick Persson

Forum –

So, fellow Central Coast ratepayers, this seems to be where we are at right now.

The Government-appointed Administrator and his appointed Acting CEO do not think the currently suspended councillors should be sacked.

It would appear that these two worthy souls have failed to realise the depth of the problem that they have been appointed to fix and more disturbingly, their combined business acumen cannot see much further than perhaps sacking the wrong people and raising rates.

Our suspended councillors do not think they should be sacked either, including Labor Mayor Lisa Matthews who is reported as saying they “were always advised by CEO and staff and didn’t do anything wrong” which rather confirms what many of us have questioned for some time – just who was running the Central Coast Council?

Of course, we are already acutely aware of the ex-CEO and his handsome payout.

Who decided that on our behalf?

Under the circumstances it seems that the ratepayers of the Central Coast can now reasonably ask for the Administrator or his Acting CEO to publish in the local papers a full list of senior management/director staff currently still employed by Council together with their appointment, salary and responsibilities, along with the list of staff terminations in Council’s staff reduction process, their previous positions and the rationale behind their particular sackings/terminations.

Refusal to provide this sort of information to the taxpayers who are footing the bill for all this may well trigger a timely alert for said taxpayers and the abundance of business brains that appear to be alive and well among the local community if they feel our Council problems are not being adequately and appropriately addressed.

Email, Jan 27
Margaret Black, Koolewong