Yasmin Catley calls for a stronger stance on masks

Yasmin Catley

NSW Labor is demanding that the Government take a stronger stance on masks, instead of relying on goodwill to contain the growing threat of the Northern Beaches COVID-18 cluster.

Acting NSW Labor Leader and Member for Swansea, Yasmin Catley, said that it’s time that the government made masks mandatory on public transport, in supermarkets and shopping centres, and in places of worship.

“The government has repeatedly ignored Labor’s calls to make masks mandatory and is relying on a lot of community goodwill.

“It’s risky, we only get one chance to prevent another wave,” Catley said.

“The government has the power to make public health orders for exactly this reason.

“With the stroke of a pen the Minister can end any uncertainty.”

Shadow Minister for Health, Ryan Park, warned that the next few days will be critical and decisive action is needed.

“NSW is on a knife edge.

“Gladys Berejiklian must take decisive action against the spread of COVID-19 in NSW and make masks compulsory,” Park said.

“Public health orders exist to protect the community.

“The Premier should use them to stop the spread of the virus and keep the economy moving.”

Park also voiced his concerns over the state’s handling of hotel quarantine.

“There have been real concerns about our hotel quarantine arrangements for months.

“This government has ignored the warning signs and now the community is at risk.

“How did we not learn from Melbourne?

“Why won’t we employ these guards full time?

“Why didn’t they act when air crew breached arrangements weeks ago?

“Our hotel quarantine should have been a fortress, but they’ve left the back door open.”

Press release, Dec 18
NSW Labor