Wall mural project needs community support

The graffitied wall at Woy Woy

The makeover of the graffitied Woy Woy wall which stands between Chambers Pl and Blackwall Rd is still in need of community support and donations.

Founder of the Woy Woy Mural Project, June Killington, said the group had seen interest from community organisations wanting to support the cause, including Woy Woy CWA which is now a part of the project.

“It’s just wonderful to see so many people wanting to help out, and the CWA’ s involvement as a not-for-profit organisation is really helping us get all the items that we need,” Killington said.

“We have had offers from lots of local people in the community who want to help out, and we are nearly ready to go, we just need more donations to come in.”

Killington has also created the Facebook page Woy Woy Mural Project to help drum up some community support and awareness for the initiative.

Woy Woy CWA President Jane Bowtell said it was a great community idea, which promoted local creativity whilst also ridding the area of some horrible graffiti.

“We are happy to be involved with anything community-minded and looking forward to helping create a beautiful wall,” Bowtell said.

“Any sponsorship from the community would be fantastic and appreciated, so if people want to donate, our bank account details are on the Woy Woy CWA Facebook page.

“We have some local businesses on board who have made donations in kind and a very generous Central Coast business which have promised to work its magic on the wall and has offered rendering services.

“We are now just looking for someone to sponsor the purchase of the special anti-tagging paint.”

Many local businesses have come forward to help supply items like paintbrushes and buckets, with one company even lending a scissor lift to reach the higher points of the wall.

The Woy Woy CWA had planned to apply for a grant which would help push the project along, but due to Central Coast Council’s Business Recovery Plan, all Awarding Sponsorships and the Community Grants Program have been suspended for 2020.

“Woy Woy Mural Project cannot apply for any grants as it isn’t a not-for-profit organisation, so we were going to apply for a grant instead, but, unfortunately, the grants are on pause for the moment,” Bowtell said.

“If we can get some community donations behind the project, we can at least get a start, and then hopefully, the grant will cover the rest – that is when we can eventually apply for it.”

Killington believes the brick wall’s makeover is something the whole community should look forward to and get behind.

“I’m so excited about it; there will be no pelicans, no native flowers nothing like that.

“It’s real art, and it will just set the tone for Woy Woy.”

Hayley McMahon