Spreading Christmas cheer at San Remo Neighbourhood Centre

Jack, Riley and Max the dog with Santa, spreading Christmas cheer at San Remo Neighbourhood Centre

For the past 20 years, San Remo Neighbourhood Centre has been spreading Christmas cheer by providing toys and gifts to support families in need.

Centre Manager, Jillian Hogan, says it wouldn’t be possible without the many other organisations that help throughout the year.

“We’d like to sing their praises and shout out a big thank you to Coast Hands, San Remo BMX Club, Men’s Shed, Coles and Community Garden, Oz Harvest, Bungree, Share the Dignity, Angels/Wild Woolies and We Care Connect,” Hogan said.

“These groups all help to ease the burden of thousands of children, young people and families.

“There are stand outs in our region and they are the volunteers who give their all and go above and beyond, who work tirelessly every day, who listen to people’s stories without judgement and who genuinely make a difference in people’s lives.

“There’s also volunteers whose compassion is infectious and they are the glue that brings people and groups together to create understanding and to support our families.

These are people like Kerry, Micah, Darryl and Stephanie, who are our leaders and the fabric of our communities.

“We understand the struggles that people are having, struggles not often by choice but by circumstances.

“People don’t choose to be poor, women don’t choose to beaten down, families don’t choose to be homeless and live in cars and tents, and children don’t choose their parents.

“Through circumstances, we can come together and all make a difference in every child’s life,” Hogan said.

She wants to thank the many people who have donated new toys and gifts to San Remo Neighbourhood Centre which will be passed on to help struggling families have a happier Christmas.

Sue Murray