School ended the year with a big dose of fun

Budgewoi Public School’s inaugural colour run

Budgewoi Public School students have ended their school year on a colourful high, following the school’s inaugural colour run.

Every colour in the rainbow was on full display as students raced around the school’s oval while teachers and staff let loose a torrent of powder bombs.

Principal, Nathan Forbes, said the special event was the school’s way of rewarding students following a difficult year.

“After overcoming all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our students deserved something special to round out their year and the whole school community agreed that a colour run would be a great way to finish 2020,” Forbes said.

Year 6 students also got to enjoy an extra special activity on the day, manning the powder bombs when teachers took to the field, a fitting privilege for the cohort that missed out on so much of the typical Year 6 experience.

Forbes said staff also enjoyed the colourful festivities and paid thanks to the teachers behind the event.

“We had a great team of teachers organise the day.

“They did it at short notice and without them this wouldn’t have been possible, so I can’t thank them enough,” Forbes said.

With students still abuzz after the big day, Forbes said colour runs might become an end of year tradition at Budgewoi PS.

“Feedback from all of our students, staff and parents has all been positive and it shows how something like this was really needed.

“It definitely feels like we’ve ended the year with a big dose of fun.”

Dilon Luke