Pacific Highway black spot to have a safety upgrade

The Pacific Highway black spot intersection of Flowers Dr and Cams Wharf Rd at Catherine Hill Bay will get a $1.02M safety upgrade.

Transport for NSW is asking for community feedback on the proposed safety changes to reduce the risk of crashes.

Parliamentary Secretary for Central Coast, Adam Crouch, said there was an immediate need to improve safety at the intersection, with more than 25,000 travelling along the Pacific Highway daily.

“Unfortunately, there have been six crashes recorded at this intersection in the five years to June 2018, including one fatality and four injuries,” he said.

“The proposed safety improvement would involve extending the median wire rope barrier on the highway to ban right turns into Flowers Dr, and from Flowers Dr and Cams Wharf Rd on to the highway.

“Motorists entering and exiting the highway would be redirected to intersections with traffic lights and safer merging lanes at Montefiore St and Nords Wharf, significantly reducing the risk of crashes.”

Motorists will still be permitted to turn right into Cams Wharf Rd from the Pacific Highway.

In addition to the proposed changes, Transport for NSW will install new directional signage on the highway, Cams Wharf Rd and on Flowers Dr.

Media release, Nov 30
Parliamentary Secretary Central Coast, Adam Crouch

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