Mural designed to turn dull spaces into beacons of happiness and good vibes

Toukley Public School’s new mural

End of year celebrations at Toukley Public School were made a little brighter this year, following the installation of a new mural.

The colourful new artwork was unveiled on December 9 and takes pride of place on one of the entrance way walls.

Sporting the school’s lighthouse icon along with the message ‘Shine Bright Share Your Light’, the dazzling mural was designed and erected by Artist, Angie Elder, to inspire students and the wider community to do their best to be a positive light to others, something Elder knows a thing or two about.

The Co-Founder of art and positivity platform, My Happy Place, Elder has made it her mission to make the Central Coast a brighter place, literally, through her art.

With a background in visual arts and education, Elder has been painting murals for over 30 years, with her works beautifying schools, businesses and homes around the Coast.

Strongly believing in the philosophy that what we see every day can influence the way we think, feel and act, Elder said that her murals were intentionally designed to turn dull spaces into beacons of happiness and good vibes, with her latest creation no exception.

“I spent quite a few years trying to make a difference in the lives of school students, so stepping out of the classroom and painting full time has been quite the journey.

“I’m learning, I’m grateful and I’m still motivated to make schools a happy place for kids and teachers.

“You don’t need a degree to appreciate that when someone feels better in themselves and in a space, that they’ll be more inclined to engage productively, so I guess I’m still doing what I’ve always done, and thankful for all the like minded educators who agree that art is as good for the mind as it is for the soul.” Elder said.

Dilon Luke