Makeover for RFS truck bays

Local firies teamed up with painters to help paint the truck bay floors

In an unlikely alliance, local firies teamed up with painters last week in an effort to restore the truck bays at the Bays Rural Fire Brigade (RFS).

Work started on repainting the truck bay floors on Monday, November 23, with members of the brigade volunteering to help prepare the surface ahead of the painter’s arrival.

A Dulux representative, Daniel Travers, helped consult and provide the correct paint and materials for professional painter, David Turner from DS Painting.

Treasurer at The Bays RFS, David Dessmann, said the floors were in desperate need of a recoat.

The work was carried out over a period of four days and was a massive effort from all involved,” Dessmann said.

“The results speak for themselves and this will remain a legacy that will last many years to come.”

Dessmann also said it was a pleasure to have support from Kennard’s Hire West Gosford which loaned the brigade a concrete grinder to help remove the old paint.

Media release, Dec 1
Treasurer at The Bays RFS, David Dessmann

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