Community group focuses on Umina Beach

One of Umina Community Group’s projects was upgrades to The Runway Park

Umina Community Group will hold its Annual General Meeting and December Bi-Monthly Meeting at Club Umina at 7pm on December 3.

Secretary Peter Springett said the volunteer organisation had specific interests in the Umina Beach area, particularly around the environment, infrastructure, and safety.

“Umina Community Group is a volunteer organisation, established in 2012,” Springett said.

“It was started by 34 founding members who are all homeowners in Umina Beach.

“Today, our membership is over 100, with more than 2500 followers on Facebook.

“Our focus is supporting Umina Beach today, its heritage and its future, to make it a better place to live in, a better place to visit, and a better place to enjoy.”

Umina Community Group members work towards protecting the environment through local initiatives while also caring for coastal dunes, waterways, and beaches.

They also work with the community to support youth activities, helping to reduce graffiti, vandalism, and crime, as well as improvements to infrastructure, including transport, roads, and facilities.

“We work cooperatively with Central Coast Council, the NSW Government, and the Australian Government to realise our goals,” Springett said.

“We support existing programs such as Landcare, Surf and Sporting Clubs, local police initiatives, and participate through proactive volunteering.

“Umina Beach is home to over 16,000 residents, and through our efforts, we can make Umina and The Peninsula an even better place to live.”

The community group has already contributed to many projects including the Coastal Zone Management Plan, improved beach access, care of sand dunes, and rehabilitation of The Runway Park.

Most recently the group helped designate The Esplanade as a shared zone between surf clubs to improve pedestrian safety for children, locals, visitors, and beachgoers.

More information about programs, projects and activities can be found on the Umina Community Group’s website and Facebook page.

Media Release, Dec 1
Umina Community Group