Boardwalk not “powering ahead”

The current state of Terrigal boardwalk

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After receiving Adam Crouch’s unsolicited Christmas pamphlet, I nearly choked on my cornflakes when I read that “Terrigal boardwalk was powering ahead”.

The attached photo shows the reality, one week from the Christmas arrival of families seeking a rock pool.

I visited the builders’ website,, to leave feedback: pleading with them to alter their timetable; to delay their stainless-steel handrails that Mr Crouch blithely blamed for the hold-up; to admit that they missed their deadline and attach a sandstone fascia to the concrete; to fashion a semblance of a rock pool.

But what does one find on their website?

“Our website is under construction: We’re coming soon!”

Perhaps the Terrigal wall could be graffitied and decorated like the Berlin Wall.

Certainly, the Terrigal Wall is an example of giving a big concrete finger to the locals.

I am not anti-development.

Development is necessary for all things.

But development into what?

Tumors develop.

Email, Dec 16
B. Allen, Terrigal