$3.8M investment for a new linear accelerator

Lucy Wicks MP with Central Coast Cancer Clinic’s, Kate Lyons, Dr Roland Alvandi, Shaun Clifford and Chris Lee

The Morrison Government is assisting the Central Coast Cancer Centre to treat more patients with a $3.8M investment for a new linear accelerator (LINAC).

Linear Accelerators are used to administer radiation to cancer patients, allowing doctors to target cancer cells while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

Federal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, said the new linear accelerator is the most advanced machine on the market.

“This machine is able to deliver radiation doses faster than its predecessors, significantly reducing treatment times for patients,” Wicks said.

The new machine improves treatment of patients with intracranial brain tumours, allowing patients with multiple tumours to have them treated simultaneously.

“Patients with certain types of cancer will now be able to receive treatment two to three times faster than previously possible,” Wicks said.

I am proud to be part of a government that is determined to make a cancer treatment journey just a little bit easier by providing world class health services right here on the Central Coast.”

Press release, Dec 18
Office of Lucy Wicks MP