What a stitch-up

First the NSW government dissolves the democratically elected and most accessible branch of government to the people of the Central Coast, then both councils are forced into amalgamation through financial blackmail against the wishes of the majority of Coasties.

Once voters are graciously allowed to exercise our franchise at the ballot box again we find the council structure has been stacked to benefit the Lib/Lab duopoly; but the voters strike back, expressing their annoyance by voting in a couple of independents.

The temerity of them, how dare they!

Don’t they know what’s good for them?

Alas, the NSW Government took their revenge on voters by only funding the Great Amalgamation to 1/3 of its real cost, appointing a mouthpiece to control any significant planning decisions by Central Coast Council (CCC) and then failing to come through with any of the promised funding for the Long Jetty Flooding and Wamberal Beach housing disasters.

Self-inflicted financial mismanagement my foot, the current state government has sought to undermine CCC since the day it was elected because the LNP Government didn’t get what they wanted.

So now they want to start again, to see if we’ve learnt our lesson yet?

Perhaps they don’t understand the meaning of democracy, it is the PEOPLE who decide who we want to be governed by and we want our council/s back.

Or is this all perhaps just a diversion to distract from facts revealed in the Bear Pit today that the incumbent NSW Premier approved Local Government pork-barrelling prior to the last state election before those councils had even applied for this funding?

Email, Oct 21
D. Williamson, Wamberal