Valley View PS celebrates 40th anniversary

Students in their ‘80s themed outfits

Back when Billie Jean was a hit and spandex was the statement of the time in 1980, Valley View Public School opened its gates in Wyoming.

Accordingly, students and teachers have celebrated the school’s 40th anniversary with dress ups, cupcakes, party games, and a history lesson.

The two-tier celebration was not open for parents due to COVID restrictions, but Valley View Principal, Kirsty Squires, said the kids and teachers had enough fun themselves to share around.

“October 13 was the school’s official birthday, so we held a special assembly where the students learnt the history of the school,” Squires said.

“We then watched a movie made by Mrs Anderson, which included messages from past and present staff and students.

“To end the celebrations, the School Captains and myself cut a wonderful cake made by Bec Van Drempt, while all students sang the school Happy Birthday.”

Four-hundred cupcakes were made into the school’s emblem and given out to all kids and teachers.

The second day of the celebration involved an ‘80s dress-up theme, party games, fluoro clothes and lots of big hair.

“I’m fairly certain this was the favourite part of the birthday celebrations for staff,” Squires said.

“We also had ‘80s music playing throughout the school which the teachers also loved.”

The 3000 trees planted 40 years ago still stand, and Squires said they are as beautiful as always.

Jacinta Counihan