The life of silkworms

Pretty Beach Public School students with their silkworms

For the past few weeks, Year Two students at Pretty Beach Public School have been looking at the life cycle of silkworms.

Zoe from class 2H said the whole class had enjoyed their time watching the silkworms turn into moths.

“The silkworms are now growing their cocoons which are yellow,” Zoe said.

“2H has been really inspired and has taken turns at having the silkworms on their desk.

“The silkworms are amazing creatures and eat the leaves of a mulberry tree.

“Mrs Holloman brings in bags of leaves for the silkworms, and they are really fast eaters and have dots and stripes on them.

“We also have some that make silk on your hand when you hold it. The silkworms are really inspiring, and 2H really loves them.”

Newsletter, Nov 6
Pretty Beach Public School

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