Remembrance Day events will have a 100-person limit

them unveil to poppy panels to embellish the Ocean Beach War Memorial

Remembrance Day will look a little different on the Peninsula this year, with most RSL Sub-Branches deciding to abandon the regular cenotaph services to due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Central Coast District Council of RSL Sub-Branches President, Greg Mawson, said Sub-Branches in the region had been granted the go ahead to hold Remembrance Day services under one glaring proviso, that they enforce a 100 person limit at each event.

Mawson said the crowd cap was going to be a nightmare to manage, with the Sub-Branches bitterly disappointed that the same issues that plagued ANZAC Day were impacting Remembrance Day.

“This (crowd limits) is going to be very hard for the Sub-Branches to police,” Mawson said.

“After missing out on ANZAC Day we are expecting people will be out in droves on the 11th, so we’re asking that residents please be mindful of the regulations.

“We don’t want to turn anyone away, but we also can’t risk the community’s health or one of our branches being fined for breaking the rules.

“It’s a tricky situation all round and we ask that everyone be sensible and keep COVID restrictions in mind,” Mawson said.

Adding to the Sub-Branches’ woes is the difficulty in organising alternative arrangements to Remembrance Day services, which always take place on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Terry Collins