Reality check for councillors

Suspended Central Coast Councillors

Forum –

Reading Mayor Matthews’ article declaring “Say goodbye to democracy” after her suspension along with fellow councillors, she needs to face up to reality.

Matthews failed to acknowledge Council’s complete failure to deliver on their prime responsibilities of prudent financial management leaving ratepayers with a $80M+ deficit to pay with little or no tangible benefits.

A glaring example is our Central Coast local roads being third world standard due to unacceptable low levels of productivity by Council staff for all to see.

The recent CCN article showing councillors’ “List of accomplishments” revealed petty and inappropriate issues – ie improving Council staff working conditions.

Talk about losing their way.

There was little sign of addressing desperately needed improvements to our Coast’s infrastructure resulting in devastating floods such as residents experienced at Chittaway Bay and Wamberal.

Based on Council’s unacceptable performance record, it leaves the Government with no alternative but to permanently sack them and completely review the CCC including responsibilities, accountabilities and install competent staff who demonstrate they are up to the task.

It certainly does not mean more staff which only results in over inflated and inefficient bureaucracy.

We have experienced enough of this for far too long.

There may be some hope for our Coast’s future with the current Government review underway to identify not only the extent of Council’s financial mismanagement but equally their poor productivity which will only improve by replacing proven failures with proven performers at all levels.

Email, Nov 9
Rod Robey, Copacabana