Now that’s a community bus stop

Virginia Henderson (with glass raised) toasts the new-look bus shelter with fellow residents

The Wagstaffe bus stop has a whole new look, thanks to a determined community.

Around 50 residents gathered at the bus stop on November 12 to celebrate the refurbishment.

Virginia Henderson, who coordinated the painting and decorating, said the project was a great example of community collaboration which began just as the COVID-19 lockdown advanced.

“At the end of February 2020 a small all-girl team of local residents took on the task of restoring the hitherto neglected, grubby and spidery bus shed,” Henderson said.

“We cleaned, scraped, filled holes and preparing for painting.

“The mural of water, fish and Australian wildlife was a daily task and a joy to complete.”

Henderson said special features of magpies, a cockatoo and a galah watch over the shelter and are lit up by solar spotlights until late in the evening.

“None of this mural would have happened without the encouragement and support of our local community, including school children getting off the bus; the bus drivers, locals walking by and visitors stopping in amazement to ask questions and take photographs,” Henderson said.

“In addition, from time to time coffee and other nourishment turned up on cold afternoons and good red wine and cheese as it got dark.

“The ‘new’ bus shelter is another illustration of how Wagstaffe residents care for our community.

“We all hope it gives surprise and pleasure to those who sit at the bus stop and to those walking by.”

Terry Collins