November physical activity campaign

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Peninsula residents are being urged to get on board with Stride4Stroke, the Stroke Foundation’s annual physical activity campaign, during November.

The beauty of Stride4Stroke is you can set your own activity goal to complete anywhere and at any time within the month.

Stride4Stroke is open to survivors of stroke, their families and friends and anyone in the community who wants to get active – at a safe distance and within coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic guidelines – and raise funds for Stroke Foundation.

Activity goals can be any shape or form, from running, walking, riding or swimming a set distance during the month to taking a desired number of steps in rehabilitation.

It can be a personal or a group activity challenge.

Stroke Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Sharon McGowan, said the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges which have impacted our lives and ability to maintain good health and therefore reduce our stroke risk.

“I am a regular runner and have found it much harder to maintain my exercise routine without a fun run event goal to motivate me,” McGowan said.

“I also know that I am not alone in reaching for comfort food more regularly during the pandemic.

“But summer is on its way and it’s a great time to set a goal to improve our health, feel good and raise money for the Stroke Foundation in the process.

“It’s time to take our active gear outside of the home office and onto pavements, beaches and into parks.”

McGowan said one in four people globally will have a stroke in their lifetime.

The devastating disease strikes the brain and can change lives in an instant, however more than 80 percent of strokes can be prevented by managing blood pressure and cholesterol, eating healthily, exercising and not smoking.

Every dollar raised through Stride4Stroke will have an enormous impact.

It will go towards vital Stroke Foundation programs like our free telephone advice service StrokeLine (1800 787 653) and EnableMe, online support services which help survivors and their families transition to life back home after stroke and throughout the recovery journey.

Residents can register at:

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