Mobile phone discrimination

mobile in handMobile phone. Image: Wiki commons

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If you don’t have a mobile phone you are now the victim of discrimination.

You can no longer access accounts and websites that you used to because they won’t let you proceed unless you have a mobile phone.

My most recent experience was with Qantas Frequent Flyer who now do not let you redeem/use your points without a mobile phone number.

I never needed one when I previously used my points and I was not informed that they had changed their requirements.

Nor would they provide an alternative method.

Even my bank understood that not all people have or want a mobile phone and provided an alternative way to use online banking.

This discrimination has crept into many online shopping sites which have now lost my business.

Is this some type of collusion with mobile phone companies to make you get a mobile phone and get more money out of you?

Or is it collusion with scammers who want your mobile phone number to harass you constantly?

Beware this type of insidious discrimination – what will us “no mobile phone” people be prevented from doing next?

Email, Nov 11
Martine Hardy, Wyoming