MMAD podcast sheds light on music’s role in mental health

Danny Clayton and MMAD alumni Paz

Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD), based in Gosford, has released a new podcast aimed at shedding light on the importance of music for mental health.

The series shares stories from well-known artists who have used music to help them through hard times.

Music Saved Me features conversations with Illy, Eves Karydas, Paul Dempsey, Mitch Tambo, and others, and also includes discussions with young people on how music helped inspire them in unique ways.

The podcast, hosted by Danny Clayton was created during the lockdown with support of Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation.

MMAD Co-founder, Dominic Brook, said it is a good time to be open and honest as it has been a challenging year.

“We were blown away by how much each artist brought to their chat with Danny and opening up about such personal stories,” Brook said.

“It really is a special insight into these artists and how or why their art is shaped and created.

“We hope this podcast can inspire people out there who might be going through a tough time right now and help them realise they are not alone.”

The first four episodes focus on different topics and feature Conrad Sewell, GRAACE, Mitch Tambo and MMAD graduate, Paz.

Conrad Sewell talks about his struggles with addiction and how music has helped deal with them.

GRAACE reveals how grief and loss affected her life and how she uses music to help her.

Mitch Tambo talks culture, language and the importance of preservation in music before MMAD.

Paz dives into her struggles with overcoming homelessness and how creative focus helped her.

Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation Chair, Jennifer Leslie, said the podcasts bring together relatable role models with MMAD’s positive messages to empower young people to make a change for good in their lives.

“Music Saved Me uses the power of storytelling and digital channels to reach people who may feel alone in overcoming their personal struggles,” Leslie said.

“Our relationship with Musicians Making a Difference has positively impacted the lives of young people facing disadvantage and marginalisation for nearly a decade.

“We are proud to continue our support with this brilliant and deeply authentic new series and encourage people to listen and share it as a tool to reach and impact young people in need.”

Media release, Nov 5

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