Mask, or mask-not?

woman with mask

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I have a couple of underlying illnesses, putting me at high risk of dying from COVID-19.

So, I wear a mask every single time I leave my house.

My mask protects me from the mask-less people walking around coughing and sneezing and not bothering even to cover their mouths and noses.

My mask also protects other people against the small chance I could have picked up the virus since my most recent test.

I also both social-distance and walk my dog where I am less likely to meet other people.

So, I’m getting really tired of the aggressive dimwits who tell me to “get away from” them and run through traffic to avoid me.

These people are never masked.

So, if you don’t understand that a mask wearer is protecting you, themselves and all of us, please stay home.

Email, Nov 10
Felicity Bywater, Gosford