Lists of accomplishments show poor understanding of responsibilities

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It’s enlightening now to look back at the lists of accomplishments by our councillors, as they were published only a few weeks ago.

Out of all of them, only Councillor Best’s shows the slightest understanding of what has been going on in Council for the past three years.

For the rest, they could have been on the moon for all the grasp they have shown of their responsibilities and of the priorities that should have been guiding the Council.

Yet, despite the announcements made over the past weeks, there is no indication of action from the Minister to remedy the situation.

With less than one year to go to the next election, we need a manager in place who can bring order and discipline to bear on Council’s administration in this interim period, so that a new Council can start with a sound financial and operational basis in 2021.

Let us hope that all the present councillors are barred from office for the foreseeable future.

Email, Oct 28
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy