Increased theft of rego plates

There has been a peak in registration plates theft

Peninsula motorists should be vigilant, with Brisbane Water Police noting an increase in the theft of registration plates.

Police say offenders use stolen plates to avoid identification when committing serious offences such as robbery, drug trafficking, burglary and petrol theft.

If your number plates are stolen, there are a number of steps you need to take.

Report the theft to your local police and to Service NSW.

You will need to pay to have new number plates issued. You should also change your registration, car insurance and toll road account details.

If you keep driving without number plates you could be fined over $400 and receive three demerit points.

Brisbane Water Police say community members can make it harder for number plates to be stolen.

The use of anti-theft screws could avoid the inconvenience and cost of replacing your number plates.

Secure your number plates with one-way, anti-theft screws – they cost only a few dollars and can be fitted with a standard flat bladed screwdriver.

Park your car in a secure place – off the street in a garage or carport where possible.

Stay alert and report the theft of number plates to police as soon as possible.

The more motorists who secure their plates, the harder it will be for thieves to find a free ride, police say.

They advise screws are available from most major hardware stores, participating automotive outlets, who may fit them free of charge when cars are serviced or repaired, and participating Auto Car spare parts stores.

Motorists are urged to take notice of activity in the neighbourhood ad report suspicious activity to your local police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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