How dare you Minister?

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This began when an administrator from the government was given control of the Central Coast Council, mainly Gosford.

The council was ordered to merge with Wyong Council which we didn’t want.

They pulled our beautiful coast apart starting with an ugly Tax Office built on the best section of the waterfront and then a humongous office building next door on prime land.

The cranes started to appear, and ugly buildings emerged, pulling down buildings and homes to build high rise units.

The powers that be, who think they know everything, didn’t consider the extra traffic on the roads, therefore our roads are almost chock-a-block.

Yes, they built an enormous hospital to cope.

The same government now has the audacity to give the council seven days to show cause why it should not be suspended.

How dare you minister?

I’m 76 years old and just sold my house to get out of this little bit of heaven you and your government turned into hell.

Email, Oct 26
Carol Hale, East Gosford