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Another burst water main on Araluen Drive

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Yet another burst water main in Araluen Dr, Hardys Bay last night.

This is the 23rd break in the street over the last few years.

While the emergency crews do their best to repair the old asbestos pipe in a timely manner, the local community continues to suffer from extended periods without water, repeated excavation of roads and driveways and damage to nature strips.

After many representations, Council advised that 630m of the old pipe would be replaced by the end of 2019.

After this failed to occur, the Council discovered that an Aboriginal Heritage Impact permit would be now be required, delaying the project until August 2020.

Again, nothing happened, and apparently, the application for a permit still has not even been submitted.

What does a frustrated community have to do to get some action from this council management?

Email, Nov 9
Bill Egan, Hardys Bay

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