Halloween celebrated in spectacularly spooky fashion

Children in the Out of School Hours club (OSH club) at Valley View Public School celebrated Halloween in spectacularly spooky fashion, enjoying a week full of treats, crafts and “terrifying” games.

OSH coordinator, Jill Ede, wanted to ensure the fun holiday was special for everyone, so she set up games and craft activities throughout the whole week before the holiday, for the kids to enjoy.

“Over the whole week, we did different craft activities,” Ede said.

“The kids made a pumpkin patch where they painted in their hands and helped decorate some posters.

“A few of the children drew spiderwebs to hang on the wall, and we played games such as Monster Statues, which is a more terrifying version of musical statues.”

The week ended with a “frightening bang” with Ede putting on a special afternoon tea on October 30 which a range of special treats.

“The afternoon tea included graveyard nachos, which was some yummy nachos cups decorated with ‘ghost chips’,” she said.

“I pretty much got some tortilla chips and baked them in the right shape and put eyes on them, and the children loved them.

“Even the kids who don’t usually celebrate the holiday outside of school hours loved getting involved in the celebrations.

“We try to do something special for every holiday such as Are you Okay Day, Harmony Day, Valentine’s Day, and everyone is getting excited for Christmas.”

Jacinta Counihan