Exercise program offers older Coasties strength for life

Strength for Life improves strength and balance.

An innovative and affordable exercise program for people aged over 50 has launched on the Central Coast, with weekly sessions to be held at East Gosford.

Strength for Life is a specially designed program which involves progressive resistance training to improve strength, balance, coordination and endurance.

The program has been developed by Council on the Ageing (COTA) NSW and is being provided in partnership with Central Coast instructor Mai Speirs.

All Strength for Life instructors are exercise professionals who undertake extra training with COTA NSW to be accredited with the program.

This training covers the needs of older people and how to work with different types of injuries and conditions.

“The beauty of the Strength for Life program is that it is specially designed for older people, and the instructors are sensitive to your needs,’ COTA NSW CEO Meagan Lawson said.

“Keeping yourself moving and getting stronger has a flow-on effect on your general quality of life.

“You’ll be better able to carry shopping and play with your grandchildren, as well as reducing the risk of falls and other injuries.”

Speirs has been running Strength for Life classes online during the COVID-19 pandemic and has now started in-person classes at East Gosford Progress Hall.

“It’s wonderful to see the excitement and the commitment of our group to this program and see them improving,” she said.

“Our friendly group are getting some awesome results and have also been bringing their friends to join in.”

Participants undertake an initial assessment to develop a program that is tailored to their needs, at a cost of $30-$40.

From there, classes cost $7-9 per session.

The classes at East Gosford Progress Hall are on Mondays at 11.15am.

Classes will also be run at Charmhaven Community Centre on Tuesdays at 9.30am, conducted by Amanda Doring.

Media release, Nov 5
Strength for Life