Consolidated land transaction policy adopted

250 Reeves St., Somersby site location. Location approximate. Image: OpenStreetMap

The first Central Coast Land Transaction Policy has been adopted and provides contemporary, clear and consistent guidelines for Council’s management of land transactions across the whole region.

The policy is a consolidation of the former Gosford Council’s Land and Property Transactions Policy and Wyong Council’s Property Transactions – Sales and Acquisitions with other policies informing its development.

The consolidated policy provides a framework for Council which will inform decision and directions regarding Council’s property portfolio in a consistent manner across the Local Government Area, in accordance with relevant legislation, and ensuring any review of Council’s land portfolio is a public process.

The draft policy, which merged the two former policies while removing any areas that were unclear or contradictory, was placed on public exhibition from August 13 to September 11, providing an opportunity for the community to review and submit comments.

Media release, Oct 27
Central Coast Council