Budget has no new stimulus projects to boost the local economy

Shadow Minister for Central Coast, David Harris

The NSW Budget released on Tuesday, November 17, is extremely disappointing says Shadow Minister for Central Coast and Wyong MP, David Harris.

“There are no new stimulus projects to boost the local economy during a deep recession, only a series of re-announcements and more ‘planning’ money,” he said.

“There is funding for continuing projects but only planning funding for projects already announced, such as the Pacific Highway upgrade through Wyong, the Central Coast Highway improvements from Bateau Bay to Wamberal, Tuggerah Railway Station improvements and several school projects.”

Harris said the Central Coast should have been identified for a Special Activation Precinct (SAP) to help fast-track important projects such as the Tuggerah-Wyong Corridor, the Wyong Employment Zone including Warnervale Town Centre, Somersby Industrial Precinct and the Gosford CBD Precinct.

“The Coast’s population continues to grow but we’re being denied substantial infrastructure improvement funding.

“Our economy is experiencing recession and unemployment growth, and clearly, the NSW Government has failed to deliver stimulus which will combat the negative effects of the pandemic in the short to medium term.

“The region is already reeling from an effective cut to public service wages which removes millions of dollars from the local economy, health workers, teachers, police, firefighters and other public service workers.

“There is under investment in social housing, mental health services, growing waiting lists at local hospitals for elective surgery and support services which deliver programs to families experiencing difficulty,” Harris said.

Media release, Nov 17
Shadow Minister for Central Coast, Wyong MP, David Harris

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