Bruce Hyland could be our Nostradamus

Forum –

I have sparred with Bruce Hyland in Forum a few times over the past several years, but I more often than not share his views.

I was researching the election in 2017 that delivered the current ex-councillors who have managed to preside over our embarrassing mess.

I quote Bruce, (Coast Community News, Dec 17, 2017) and have to smile at his prediction: “Given that the Council has been elected under the present system, it isn’t difficult to judge the likelihood that … changes to the system will be welcomed, regardless of how they might benefit the ratepayers.

“Despite all the rhetoric aired during the campaign, we are already seeing voting along party lines, elusiveness of ward councillors and secrecy about council proceedings, and it is easy to project how these trends will develop over the life of the Council.

“The reign of the Administrator was nothing to write home about, but in a couple of years’ time, we might be looking back on 2016/17 with nostalgic regret”.

Maybe Bruce can preside over a committee to draft an election process that will hopefully avoid a repeat of this debacle.

Email, Nov 2
Geoff Robertson, The Entrance