Bouquet for pet shop

I would like to thank the lovely girl at Best Friends, the pet shop in Erina Fair; her name is Kate.

I have an orange canary who is very precious to me and she gave me invaluable advice after he suffered horrific treatment at another pet shop nearby.

I had taken the bird for what should have been a routine procedure to have his nails clipped.

The bird was handed back to me in his little carrying box and I was informed that there was some bleeding.

This turned out to be an understatement.

The bird lost a lot of blood and was trembling.

He curled up in a ball on the floor of the cage for hours on end, clearly traumatised.

Had I noticed his nails when I collected him I would have complained, but I didn’t see him until we were home.

I went into Best Friends and Kate spoke to me at length about how to help the bird, keep him warm and give him vitamin enriched food.

She said a tiny bird like that would have suffered because of his size relating to the blood loss.

He recovered well and is at last singing at full tilt!

His nails look ridiculously short but are slowly growing.

Kate has always been there for advice whenever I need it and also Kim, who obviously loves birds.

It was my big mistake not to take him there as I usually do.

Thank you both.

Email, Oct 31
Paula Watson, Holgate