Balance needed in COSS land recreational use

View from Rumbalara Reserve, one of many assets that are part of COSS. Archive 2015

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As a long time recreational user of our COSS lands, I have found it interesting over recent months to view the numerous debates, arguments and agendas at play as discussions regarding COSS lands heat up.

I firmly believe a balance can be found in using COSS lands for recreational purposes while maintaining its core conservation values, and I find it short-sighted of some to think the best way to manage the longevity of COSS lands is to simply lock it up!

It’s clear that the best way to grow a communal appreciation for our beautiful COSS lands is to get more of the community amongst it, and what better way to pass these values down to future generations than by allowing them to spend time out in the bush in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner.

Whether that be bushwalking, mountain biking or any of the activities listed in COSS strategy.

To those seeking to lock users out of COSS in defence of its pure, pristine nature I ask whether they have stepped outside and ventured into COSS of late?

The rubbish and noxious weeds have rendered some areas desolate (for years now), so I do question the authority of some that wish to sprout its significance but not put their hands up to help maintain it?

It has however been refreshing to see some user groups conducting volunteer rubbish clearing days – hopefully this continues (if they’re not locked out first).

Email, Nov 17
James Swain, Woy Woy